Play Notes

This Free demo of Cutie3D require the Unity3D web player. Cutie3D is a real time browser based adult X Rated RPG now available on PC and Mac. The Full version includes adult X Rated sex scenes for 18+ only.
3D games require the Unity 3D web player

Walk: A,W,S,D
Run: Space Bar
Interact: Left Mouse

The Full unlocked Version of Cutie3D includes interactive sex scenes with all the girls. This demo offers a different storyline for each character which will allow you to learn more about how to undress the girls.

The unlocked Version is playable is Hi Res on your PC or Mac. You can also make changes to your custom in game avatar, save stats and explore new areas of the city. These special members only features can be accessed with our VIP offer.

System Requirements

On Windows, the Unity Web Player requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

On Mac OS X, the Unity Web Player requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer

To check the version of your web player click here
3D games require the Unity 3D web player