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Digamour Website requires a Mac or PC-Based operation system. Tested browsers include :
version 3.0 or above of Netscape Navigator
version 4.0 or above Microsoft Internet Explorer
and Mozilla FireFox. make sure you have Java turned on in your preferences under:

Our 3D game requires DirectX 9.X or Compatable Driver Downloadable file
Additional Content may require Macromedia Flash. Most browsers are already equiped with the shockwave player, if you find that yours is not, it can be downloaded from:

If you're unable to see the consoles in Digamour
send e-mail to:

Please be specific in the nature of your problem. If you are reporting problems, please include your Browser and its version and the platform you're surfing on (Win XP, Win 2000, Win95, WinNT, Mac, Linux, etc.). Also incluse details as to the prblem tat you are haveing with video, sound, or general performace bug so that we can best correct the problem.

We have tested the site thouroughly with both AOL and WebTV browsers to ensure compatability with those systems.